My True Amulets are hand made from the finest materials : Pure Gold (99.999), Pure Silver cast in vacuum chamber, Pure Palladium.
Also, I use the finest minerals and crystals in combination with above metals.
After the Amulet is finished I put into it different High Energies, depending on the purpose of the Amulet. I mesure vibrations of the Amulet and sometimes I take
pictures of these High Energies.

Usually, I work with following High Energies: Ensof, Elohim, Hierarchy of Light, Galactic Hierarchy, Christ Energy, Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel , Haniel, Sandafel, Metatron, Guru Rinpoche (Phadmasambawa).
These Amulets have very high Bovis Vibrations ranging from 80 000 to 1 400 000. Please call first to discuss your order.

Below you can see different types of my True Amulets and also you can see some pictures of how they are made.


Ensof Amulet
As Above So Below Amulet
Adam Kadmon Amulet
Christ Energy Amulet
Other Amulets
14 Energies Amulet
Aquarius Amulet
Cross Amulet
Gemini Amulet